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Rita J. Taylor is the owner of RitaJ Enterprises LLC and its subsidiary companies, RTaylor Productions and RTaylor Publishing.

She is a Writer, Producer, Director, Songwriter and Speaker. Rita has a Bachelors degree in Business Management. She is a member of BMI (Broadcast Music Inc) and is a contributing writer for Hope for Women Magazine.

Rita remembers having a strong desire to create content and produce at a very young age. She has always felt a pull toward art and entertainment; however she didn't know or have a clear understanding of how her faith and her love for the arts were to work hand in hand until later in life.

Rita has learned through the years that you have to be willing to go against the norm, face the critics head on and be okay with marching to the beat of your own drum as long as you're pulled by your God given purpose without compromising who you are, your convictions and what you've been called to do. Rita believes where ever God places you in life do your best by working hard, walking in integrity and representing him and your brand well.

Rita currently resides in Texas.

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